Parents in Partnership

March 25, 2019
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When babies are born, they have billions of brain cells! These cells are not yet connected into the networks required for thinking, playing and interacting and so their relationship with their main caregiver/parent is key in helping to develop these neural connections. This attachment relationship continues to be important throughout a child’s early years as they develop social skills, understanding of the world and emotional stability, all of which are important in developing a desire to learn.

As early years professionals, we are very aware that a child’s first teacher is their parent/caregiver and we seek to support this valuable at home learning in as many ways as possible. Some of the ways in which we aim to do this are:

Book lending and toy resource libraries

With books for children, for parents and even some games that children can play with you at home.

Parents’ evenings

These are valuable opportunities for parents to meet with their child’s key person to discuss their development and next steps. These can be booked in at any time and not just at scheduled meetings!

Our Rising Stars School Readiness programme

To support parents in getting their children ready for school, we have many suggestions to support children’s ‘in nursery’ learning to be further developed at home.

Events throughout the year

From summer fetes, to Christmas nativities, we aim to hold regular events that parents can engage with in the nursery. We are always willing to hear more about what these could be!

SANDS charity support

Our Charity of the Year is SANDS and we will be holding regular events through the year to fundraise for this charity who do such valuable work with parents and children who have experienced loss.


We also like to share with you some activity ideas that parents can use at home with their children and these will pop some of these on the blog from time to time.

We hope that these are not only valuable but help parents to feel more supported and involved in what we do at the nursery!

After all is said and done, our aim is this:

“Together, may we give our children the roots to grow and wings to fly.”